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RetroClamp Beam Clamp

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RetroClamp™ for beams

Our original RetroClamp™ is designed for attachment on subsea tubular members, but we also offer the RetroClamp-Beam™ for attachment to other common structural steel shapes, such as square hollow section, I-Beam, beam flanges and plate edges. The contact screw normally grabs the edge of a flange or plate.

The RetroClamp-Beam™ can be configured to optimally fit the specific needs of each placement. A widely-used RetroClamp-Beam™ sits over the top of the beam and uses a longer, vertical contact screw, and another version of the same clamp uses a contact screw in a horizontal orientation, contacting the web instead of a vertical orientation contacting the flange. Clamps are available to fit the widths of any members.  

They also feature the field-proven floating-plate function of the original tubular RetroClamp™, a constant tension mechanism that ensures electrical continuity of the contact screw. Other manufacturer’s clamps offered without this feature can fail relatively quickly.   

RetroClamp-Beam™ is primarily used to electrically connect anode sleds to subsea equipment, but it’s also used with our ReCap™ data-logger system that’s deployed for up to four years before the clamp is detached and the logger is retrieved.

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