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Retractable suspended anode system for FPSO hulls


RetroSAM™ is a modular suspended impressed-current anode system for FPSOs rated at 150 Amperes for 15 years

The entire system can be deployed without any subsea intervention. The anode system is designed to be recovered during periods of foul weather. Cable termination to the anode cable is made via a re-enterable junction box. 

Video: RetroSAM™ installation


RetroSAM™ porches

How RetroSAM™ is configured

The complete system configuration can be seen in this photo. The RetroSAM™ is suspended from the porch on the left, which is designed to hang a few meters from the hull of the FPSO to distribute CP current more evenly. In periods of foul weather. the RetroSAM™ anode can be hoisted onto the recovery porch on the right.


Key design points


Anode location

By hanging the RetroSAM™ a few meters from the hull, the cathodic protection current is distributed more evenly. Closely mounted hull anode systems can cause hydrogen cracking with converted ships.

00-junction box-Quick Preset_1024x768.jpg

150 amps

RetroSAM™ can deliver 150 amps of cathodic protection current, enough to protect one quarter of an average FPSO hull.

01-Retrosam porch-Quick Preset_1024x768.jpg

Topside installation

RetroSAM™ requires no subsea intervention during the installation. Once the porch is installed on the deck, the anode module itself takes less than one hour to install.


Replaceable tether

In the right conditions, the RetroSAM™ can deliver 10 years of cathodic protection. After that, replacing the suspended modules requires re-terminating the cable into a new SAM.

RetroSAM Gallery

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