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Ultra-fast and effective ROV tool for removing marine growth


Riser before cleaning


FlexiClean™ removing marine growth


Riser after cleaning

Nothing else available comes anywhere close to FlexiClean™ for marine growth removal

FlexiClean™ is a brand-new, patent-applied-for ROV-deployed cleaning tool that quickly removes marine growth and debris on underwater structures and equipment. It rapidly, safely and thoroughly cleans even damage-prone surfaces at any depth without clogging.


Video: Watch FlexiClean™ work

Watch FlexiClean™ plow through tough marine growth. Twenty-four hours of high-pressure water jetting had been scheduled to remove heavy marine growth on a fouled flexible riser. It was stopped after three hours because no progress had been made. The FlexiClean™ tool was deployed and completed the task in just over an hour. Watch the surprising result of what the cleaning revealed.


Just a note to confirm that the Lateral FlexiClean cleaning tool has met all the expectations on the Skarv project.

We have used the tool for cleaning sea water intakes on the FPSO and for cleaning anchor chain sections in the FPSO mooring system for close visual inspection and caliper chain measurements. The tool has successfully removed heavy mussel growth from these areas very effectively and efficiently, and in my view is a much faster technique than water jetting that we have used previously.

The pliable nature of the cleaning arms enables the tool to conform to the surface shape of the target area and has been very effective in cleaning within the chain links as required for the caliper measurements. The soft polyurethane material of the arms has not damaged coated surfaces. I can confirm that BP will retain the tool on board for the next phase to clean the mussel growth from the FPSO hull.


Hello, there
Here is a small experience feedback report from use of the FlexiClean:

FlexiClean is a very good and user-friendly brush tool. It is extremely effective, especially on hard marine growth like mussels, barnacles and coral that needs to be brushed away.

The way that the FlexiClean is designed, it appears that our manipulator arm gets less loading by comparison with the earlier brush tools we have.

In addition, the FlexiClean is easy to use in places where it can be difficult to do a proper cleaning job, such as between anchor chain links.

Durability of the cleaning elements is extremely good. We have now run for over 20 hours with the same set of fingers and there is still little wear on these. 


The tool was initially used to remove large accumulations of marine fouling from the wire segment before the inspection tools were installed. 

As a test, we used it to clean some chain links in the "Touch-down" area. This is an area that we usually struggle to clean. The reason for this is that the jetting tool loses efficiency in deep water, and the MPCT (current brush tool) doesn’t have a suitable brush head for this purpose. 

Experiences we made with FlexiClean were entirely positive. It proved to be very suitable especially for wire segments, but also for the bottom chain. Below, we have listed some of the benefits we experienced with FlexiClean: 

1. Less strain on 7F Manipulator

2. Good ability to mold itself to the substrate/surface, high flexibility

3. Faster and better cleaning

4. Gentle towards the object to be cleaned

5. Simple construction

6. Long lifetime compared to current MPCT

7. The efficiency is unaffected by depth

8. The tool is available with different hardnesses

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