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CP potential measurement and current-density sensor


Easily installed in a few critical areas, DR-2 CD™ can provide valuable data about CP and polarization

The DR-2 CD™ combines the standard DR-2™ dual element reference electrode with a 1 sq. meter current-density monitor. The two types of instruments together allow engineers to monitor polarization of a structure. The instrument may be either hardwired to a surface location or read subsea with a SunStation™ readout.

An Ag/AgCl reference electrode provides very accurate potential data for monitoring polarization of the structure. The heavy-duty zinc-electrode element provides a reliable, long-term data source alongside the more accurate but less stable silver chloride. 


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Monitor critical areas: DR-2 CD™ is shown mounted at a critical point on the structure.

Monitoring options: Polatrak® fixed monitoring components can be wired to the surface and monitored through a dedicated panel, or they can wire into the SCADA system.

Larger surface area: The current-density sensor looks like a large metal fan with one sq. m of surface area. The readings from this extra monitor allow the operator to calculate data about the polarization of the structure.

Rugged cable: DR-2 CD™ has an armored 4-conductor cable wired to the surface for readouts or data transmission.

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