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MA-1 monitored anode

Sacrificial anode monitored for performance and remaining life


The MA-1 provides valuable data about anode performance and remaining life.

Monitored anodes in a few critical locations on a structure can track anode performance and consumption. The MA-1 can be hard-wired to the surface or connected to a Sunstation subsea readout.

By logging the total number of ampere-hours delivered by the anode, the MA-1 can accurately predict how much longer an anode system will perform. The system has been applied to all galvanic anode types, including platform anodes, flush-mount anodes and onshore and offshore pipeline bracelets.

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Wiring options

Polatrak fixed monitoring components can be wired to the surface and monitored through a dedicated panel, or they can wire into the SCADA system.


Monitor critical areas

This MA-1 is mounted at a critical diagonal member inside the jacket.

25 - Monitored Anode Assembly.jpg

Pipeline bracelet

The MA-1 monitor can be applied to a pipeline bracelet as well as a traditional platform anode.


Monitoring panels

Dedicated monitoring panels are built to customer specifications.

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