Technical Paper

Offshore Pipeline Cathodic Protection Retrofit Strategies

by Jim Britton (2002) 

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NOTE: This paper was originally written in 2002. Mr. Britton has since written an updated version to address the changes in corrosion control technology for anode replacement that has taken place in the interim. This paper remains in the library for anyone interested in the historical progress of this technology, and namely Deepwater's role in it.

Improvements in Offshore Pipeline Cathodic Protection & Life Extension 


Many miles of offshore pipelines worldwide are reaching, or have exceeded, the original design life of their cathodic protection systems. Many of these pipelines will be required to function for another 10, 15 or even 20 years. This paper will describe some rational strategies for achieving the desired life extension of the external corrosion control systems at the minimum installed cost. Preliminary surveys, retrofit design methods, installation procedures and hardware, verification and routine post installation inspection methods will be discussed.


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