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Proximity probe

General-purpose proximity electrode


The general-proximity electrode can attach to a diver's belt to provide potentials while he or she works. It can also be used on a mini-ROV.

The Polatrak proximity probe is designed primarily for diver use when conducting subsea platform services. Like all Polatrak probes, it has twin Ag/AgCl elements to allow on-line calibration. The standard seacon RM-3 connector allows it to be rapidly plugged into the diver’s inspection umbilical.

This is a proximity probe for use with a topside ground and can be interfaced to small eyeball-type ROVs for operation in the proximity survey mode. A mating umbilical cable is available if required.



Proximity Probe specifications

Electrode elements Deployment Readout Depth Probe type
2 x Ag/AgCl sealed Diver, Mini-ROV Voltmeter, Deep C Meter 300m Proximity